CCA 104: Marketing Commercial Real Estate (Certified Commercial Advisor Series)


Marketing Commercial Real Estate is the fourth manual in a series of twelve courses required to obtain the Certified Commercial Advisor (CCA) designation presented by the National Association of Real Estate Advisors (NAREA). These twelve courses teach real estate professionals and others how to identify, broker , list, sell, lease, market, finance, analyze, value, account for,  manage, and invest in commercial real estate.


Product Description

This manual is organized into seven sections each relating to marketing commercial real estate:

  • Section One introduces the concept of commercial real estate marketing.
  • Section Two outlines what should be included in a successful marketing plan.
  • Section Three introduces three specific property listing services.
  • Section Four discusses how to create a database and implement an email marketing campaign.
  • Section Five explains various alternative Internet-based listing sites.
  • Section Six addresses how to generate leads from listing websites and other sources along with introducing six marketing performance metrics used to evaluate marketing performance
  • Section Seven explains how to master the art of client communication.