What Is NAREA?

Introducing NAREA

Did you know that commercial real estate brokers make almost double the income of most residential agents and that over half of all the commercial real estate transactions completed are done by small real estate firms? That’s right! And here at NAREA we are here to help you learn more about how to successfully broker commercial real estate.

Introducing “The NAREA Series” tune in every Wednesday for a new episode. We will be going over NAREA, and what NAREA has to offer, with each episode only being three minutes or less an episode! This 10-episode series will help you gain a better understanding of NAREA and how we can help you elevate your learning & income potential.

About Ken Holman

Growing up in a small town in Idaho to creating his own firm. Today’s episode learn more about Ken Holman, the founder of NAREA, and how he grew his career to where it is today.

CCA Designation Program

Did you know there’s a real estate education organization that represents all commercial real estate professionals and it offers the best commercial real estate broker training on the planet?

That’s right! The organization is NAREA and the designation is CCA which stands for Certified Commercial Advisor

Learn more about what the CCA Designation is and why you should start your journey in getting your designation today! This designation was started to help residential AND commercial practitioners gain a better grasp on commercial real estate, and our very own Ken Holman wants to help YOU gain that better understanding.

Benefits of NAREA

In episode 4 we go over the many wonderful benefits NAREA has to offer. Some benefits include: Newsletters, our very own CCA Designation courses, our associated affiliates and much more!

If you’re a practicing real estate professional, NAREA is an organization you should join. It’s free to join and offers a number of great benefits.


NAREA NEWS is a monthly publication we prepare just for you. It comes in an e-newsletter format and provides some great information to help you in your business. This newsletter includes many articles that will be very beneficial to you and your learning

RealFacts Newsletter

REALFACTS is a monthly email publication that you can send to your friends and clients. Its purpose is to help you stay “Top of Mind” with your clients. There’s nothing more aggravating that to meet a client and have him tell you that he just sold his home or invested with someone else because he or she forgot you were in the business.

Media Center

In our Media Center, we offer the latest information, tools and resources for real estate professionals. The Media Center is where we share current and relevant commercial real estate information.

In today’s episode learn what each section of our media center has! Our media center ranges from Blogs, Podcasts, Videos and Publications! All NAREA Members have access to our media center!

Investment Analysis Tools

With our Investment Analysis Tools you will learn how to analyze each property type. You’ll begin to look like a real pro when it comes to commercial real estate.

Learn more about how beneficial our Investment Analysis Tools can help you in your business. Become a PRO member today to gain access to our Investment Analysis Tools

Affiliate Partners

Our Affiliate Partners offer many different types of discounts and benefits to our PRO members. The companies we have partnered with are some of the best in the real estate business.

Check out our list of many Affiliate Partners, sign up as a PRO Member to start gaining access to these wonderful benefits


Did you know that we’re the only association that specifically represents all commercial real estate professionals? You don’t need a designation to join our organization. You don’t have to pay exorbitant fees to belong. In fact, membership is free. That’s right! There is no cost to join our organization.

This is the final episode of “The NAREA Series” we hope you learned more about NAREA and have a better understanding about why we are here and what an amazing company to join! We hope you have gained interest in learning more about commercial real estate and all the amazing benefits of NAREA