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Mission Statement

The National Association of Real Estate Advisors (NAREA) mission is to help real estate professionals elevate their learning and income potential. This is accomplished by providing exceptional education through our designation programs, as well as facilitating networking and knowledge sharing among our members.

Become a Certified Commercial Advisor

NAREA Designation Programs

NAREA currently offers the Certified Commercial Advisor (CCA) designation program. A Certified Commercial Advisor (CCA) is a real estate professional who has demonstrated that they understand how to broker, lease and sell commercial real estate, by completing the required series of 12, 3-hour courses.

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Member Benefits

NAREA Memberships offer many benefits and tools to assist real estate professionals to elevate their income potential.  In addition to the opportunity to earn the Certified Commercial Advisor (CCA) designation, NAREA Member benefits include:

  • Discounts with Affiliate Partners
  • Discounts on Educational Classes
  • Discounts on Designation Programs
  • Monthly e-Newsletter
  • Free Forms / Checklists
  • Free Investment Analysis Tools
  • Free Webinars, Podcasts, Blogs, Videos and much more

Membership & Course Policies


Anyone can become a Member of NAREA. All real estate professionals are encouraged to see what becoming a member of NAREA can do for them.

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To be eligible and to earn the prestigious CCA designation, you must first become a NAREA PRO Member and then successfully complete all 12 required CCA courses. Your membership status will then be updated to the CCA designation membership.

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Membership & Designation Fees

All licensed real estate professionals are invited to become a member of NAREA, the annual PRO membership fee is $199. Once you’ve become a NAREA PRO Member, and have completed and passed all of the required courses for the CCA designation, your membership status will be upgraded to the CCA designation. The annual membership fee of $199 will be required for the use and display of the CCA designation.

NAREA Membership – $199/annually
CCA Designation – $199/annually

Preparation & Admission

Students will need a HP 10bII financial calculator or similar mobile app for some of the courses. NAREA PRO members also receive a discount on classes (must be logged in to see discount pricing).

Attendance (primarily applicable for In-Person Classes & CE credits)

The National Association of Real Estate Advisors (NAREA) has established the following attendance policy for each approved course:

  • Each student is required to register for the course either online, through NAREA’s website, or at the location the live course is being taught.
  • A person from NAREA, or the Certified Instructor, will be required to monitor the course. This is to assure that the licensed attendee is attending the course for which they registered.


  • The licensee will be required, at the time of check in, to confirm with the NAREA representative that they are indeed the person who has registered for the course. At that time, they will be required to provide federal or state issued photo identification that has the name and photograph of the licensee. For CE credits, each licensee will also be required to provide their real estate license number, as issued by the Division of Real Estate.
  • At the beginning of each course, the licensee will be required to sign in next to their name, as shown on the roster, stating their name and license number.
  • Each time there is a break during the class, the licensee will be required to sign in or out with the representative monitoring the course.

   Course Completion

  • At the completion of the course, the licensee will be required to turn in any examination given for grading. If the grading took place during the course, the licensee will be required to confirm with the representative that the examination was turned in or a passing grade was achieved.
  • Prior to awarding continuing education credit to any student, the monitoring representative will confirm that the student was in attendance a minimum of 90% of the required class time.
  • Within seven days after the completion of a course, NAREA will log the continuing education credit for each student. These credits will be logged with the appropriate affiliate that records each student’s continuing education credits.

Additional attendance requirements may be added from time-to-time. This is done by direction of the Division of Real Estate, by whom the continuing education credits are authorized.

Standards of Progress

Students must successfully complete all CCA courses, offered through NAREA, to be eligible for the Certified Commercial Advisor (CCA) designation.

Designation Status

Designations automatically renew yearly and will remain active so long as the membership in NAREA remains active and in good standing.

Refund Policy

Students will receive a full refund for live classes, if cancelled at least 48 hours prior to the start of the registered course. All cancellation notices must be submitted in writing to info@nareagroup.org.