Membership in the National Association of Real Estate Advisors sets you apart as a true professional in the industry. To be a Member of NAREA you must have passed all the required classes to receive either the CRA or CCA designations. Until you have passed all the classes to receive a particular designation, you are considered a Candidate.

Candidates are required to complete a Candidate application and are required to pay $49 per year until they receive their designation. Members are required to complete all the required classes for the particular designation they are seeking and to pay $199 per year. If you do not take the four elective courses you can still earn your designation by completing the experience requirement. That entails your participation in three commercial transactions. After you’ve completed the membership application and paid the fee, download the experience requirement form and follow the instructions.

Both Candidates and Members are entitled to receive all the benefits of NAREA, but only Members are eligible to use the respective designation or call themselves a Certified Residential Advisor (CRA) or a Certified Commercial Advisor (CCA).

In order to receive credit toward a particular designation, you must be a Candidate. You may take individual classes offered in any of the three designations, but they will not count toward becoming a Member, with the right to display the designation, without first being a Candidate.


Level Price  
Certified Commercial Advisor Member $199.00 per Year. Select
Certified Commercial Advisor Candidate $49.00 now. Select