CCA 105: Financing Commercial Investment Properties (Certified Commercial Advisor Series)


Financing Commercial Investment Properties is the fifth manual in a series of twelve courses required to obtain the Certified Commercial Advisor (CCA) designation presented by the National Association of Real Estate Advisors (NAREA). These twelve courses teach real estate professionals and others how to identify, broker , list, sell, lease, market, finance, analyze, value, account for,  manage, and invest in commercial real estate.


Product Description

This manual is organized into seven sections each relating to financing commercial real estate:

  • Section One focuses on the qualifications for a commercial real estate loan.
  • Section Two identifies conventional commercial real estate lenders.
  • Section Three & Section Four describe the different types of conventional and government loans.
  • Section Five presents various creative commercial financing options.
  • Section Six outlines commercial lender requirements
  • Section Seven presents the commercial real estate loan process.