CCA 203: How to List, Lease, Sell & Buy Office Properties (Certified Commercial Advisor Series)


How to List, Lease, Sell & Buy Office Properties is the third elective course in the Certified Commercial Advisor (CCA) designation program.


Product Description

This course is organized into seven sections each relating to how to list, lease, sell and buy Office Properties:

  • Section One provides an over view of retail brokerage and identifies the various types of office properties.
  • Section Two addresses how to list and lease office properties. It reviews both the Listing Process and the Leasing Process.
  • Section Three addresses how to market office properties. It reviews the various syndication companies that provide a platform to market office properties to buyers and also gives an in-depth over view of the Marketing Process.
  • Section Four addresses how to sell office properties and goes through both the Selling Process and the Settlement Process.
  • Section Five presents how to work with sellers and buyers by preparing a Property Financial Analysis which demonstrates how to do a comparative market analysis and how to calculate a capitalization rate.
  • Section Six addresses the Buying Process and how to work with buyers, specifically focusing on investors.
  • Section Seven uses the case study method to introduce Investment Analysis of Office Properties. It demonstrates how to prepare a Property Investment Analysis which includes calculating Gain on Sale, Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Net Present Value (NPV).