Residential RealFacts Newsletter Annual Subscription

$360.00 / year

A monthly subscription to a newsletter NAREA personalizes for you to send out to your clients.

Before we can complete your personalized newsletter, we will need the following information as you would like it to appear on your newsletter:

RealFacts Newsletter
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Maximum upload size: 52.43MB

Product Description

In every monthly edition, which is sent to you in a PDF format, the newsletter features you on the first page with your picture and contact information. Then we provide a feature article that will not only capture your client’s attention, but will also elevate your status in their mind. The feature articles are all original and don’t contain some of the trite information you find in other newsletters.

On the second page, there’s an article written by Ken Holman that helps educate your clients on the importance of investing in real estate.

Throughout the newsletter, there are several calls to action to contact you. Everything is personalized, so it looks like you created the newsletter specifically for your clients. We become your personal assistant when it comes to advertising and marketing to your clients. All this for a very minimal monthly fee.