Introducing NAREA, the National Association for Commercial Real Estate Professionals

There is finally a national organization whose primary mission is to represent the interests of the tens of thousands of commercial real estate brokers located in the United States and throughout the world.

Right now, most commercial brokers either aren’t affiliated with a national organization or they are affiliated with an organization from whom they have received a designation or certification. The industry is very segmented.

Now there's an organization that represents you! The National Association of Real Estate Advisors is offering you a FREE membership to join our association. We're excited to represent the commercial industry and look forward to you becoming a member.
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At NAREA We Provide Extensive Resources to Help You Elevate Your Learning & Income Potential!


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Why should you become a NAREA member?

Membership in the National Association of Real Estate Advisors sets you apart as a true professional in the industry. NAREA provides many benefits and integrated services to catapult you to a higher level of level of learning which will enhance your status as a true professional.

What training and resources are available for commercial real estate professionals?

To Make it Easy to Join NAREA There are Two Levels of Membership Available: A Free Basic Membership and a PRO Membership.

  • Access to the Media Center
    • Free Webinars
    • Free Podcasts
    • Free Blogs/Vlogs
  • Access to the Media Center
    • Free Webinars
    • Free Podcasts
    • Free Blogs/Vlogs
  • Affiliate Partner Discounts
  • Personal Profile
  • Discounts on Educational Classes
  • Free Forms/Checklists
  • Free Investment Analysis Tools

Finally—an Association that offers Comprehensive Commercial Real Estate Training, Commercial Resources and a Designation—All Easily Available, Affordable and Accessible at One Place. The National Association of Real Estate Advisors (NAREA)!

You don’t have to be currently working in the commercial real estate industry to join.

Whether you’re a commercial broker that wants to master your craft or a residential real estate professional who wants to elevate your game, NAREA has the tools, resources, and credentials to help you excel at every level.

We teach you everything you need to know about commercial real estate brokerage and certify you, through our Certified Commercial Advisor (CCA) designation program, to be a respected commercial broker.

NAREA Guides You through Every Step to Become a Successful Commercial Real Estate Advisor.

  • NAREA offers the best training in the industry for commercial brokers. While many real estate schools offer good curriculum for residential training, very few offer any commercial curriculum
  • NAREA fills in the knowledge gaps you have about commercial real estate brokerage. Usually it takes years of “hit and miss” mentoring with one of the major commercial brokerages to become proficient

NAREA Has Extensive Resources to Teach Real Estate Professionals.

  • How to get started in commercial real estate
  • How to successfully invest in commercial real estate
  • How to elevate your earning and income potential
  • How to earn the prestigious Certified Commercial Advisor (CCA) designation

NAREA Can Shorten the Time It Takes to Become a Successful Commercial Broker.

  • NAREA provides the training to help you become a CCA in a matter of weeks, not years
  • NAREA offers its Designation Program both online and through its live “Fast Track” program
  • NAREA has a bank of deal-tested real estate document templates
  • NAREA provides access to “easy-to-use” proven investment analysis tools
  • NAREA provides a library of extensive resources for ongoing learning and development

NAREA Provides Continuing Education Geared to Commercial Real Estate Professionals.

  • In select states, NAREA offers classes to help you meet your CE credit requirements. Just let us know the state in which you’re licensed and we’ll get our online courses certified to meet both your Elective and Core requirements


Enjoy the Benefits Immediately.